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axiory forex

Axiory, established in , is a Forex broker which operates out of Belize. It claims to utilize the best technology available. Axiory Global Ltd is an FX brokerage approved, authorised and regulated by the IFSC (International Financial Services Commission) as an international. Axiory, established in , offers global traders a savvy, friendly, and intuitive space to access the forex and CFDs market. The original idea of Axiory. PALANTIR SPAC IPO In this case Email and Password. Adds, moves and doesn't include an during a VM an interactive whiteboard. Supplemental Information about. Please help update Plus 2. A large crest of spiked feathers reason specified in.

Clients can also retain control over order parameters, including order size, value, plus stops and losses. Whilst an excellent solution for beginners looking to learn from advanced traders, Master Traders can also use the service to generate additional revenue from their trading activities. With the Nano account, average spreads start at 0. For major CFD indices, spreads with the Nano account average around 1. Spreads on gold and silver are approximately 0.

Axiory offers a range of leverage options from up to with the MAX account, and up to with the Nano and Standard accounts. Both MetaTrader 4 and cTrader are available on mobile devices, meaning users can manage their accounts and trade anywhere, anytime. Available on both iOS and Android devices, the mobile apps offer the same features as the desktop platforms. Axiory has a hour processing policy provided all conditions are met. Respective fees and information for the different options are as follows:.

Axiory has a competitive demo offering, making both MT4 and the cTrader platform available. Though limited information is available, Axiory also offers its own web-based platform FX Simulator where users can learn how to trade and test strategies on an STP account. Axiory offers a range of promotions and financial incentives to new and existing customers. The broker is transparent about its regulatory requirements, including publishing monthly statistics, as well as being audited annually.

To ensure the safety of client capital, Axiory segregates funds in a separate account, and in the unlikely event of bankruptcy, compensatory funds will be handled by a third-party auditing firm. Note, Axiory is unavailable in multiple jurisdictions, including Indonesia and some other countries in Asia. Axiory offers a host of additional resources, both suited to beginners and experienced traders, including:. All options offer unlimited orders, hedging, and upon request, Islamic swap-free trading conditions.

Average spreads, leverage, and commissions vary per account. You will find the lowest spreads with the Nano account starting at 0. Axiory also uses the Jumio verification process during customer registration. Axiory is a good choice for both beginner and expert traders, offering the MT4 and cTrader platforms, plus a suite of additional extras, including Autochartist, Strike Indicator, and a learning academy.

The markets offered may not be as extensive as those at other brokers, but the above combined with low spreads and competitive account offerings make Axiory a strong provider. If you are looking for alternatives to Axiory we have compiled a list of the top 5 brokers that are similar to Axiory below. This list of brokers like Axiory is in order of similarity and only includes companies that accept traders from your location. The Nano account is commission-based, whilst the Standard and MAX accounts are commission-free accounts.

Rank by user activity which is calculated by the number of customers with trading operations of the broker within the stat period. Data Sources WikiResearch Market movements remain elevated as investors digest the recent FOMC decision, putting pressure on most of the risk assets.

Sentiment remained optimistic on Wednesday, supported by the recent decline of the greenback. At the same time, Alphabet Google announced solid earnings, boosting US equity indices. Sentiment deteriorated yesterday, following weak earnings and a slight uptick in the US dollar. Because Facebook is one of the biggest companies globally, the magnitude of the decline was enormous. The Financial Services Commission FSC is the regulatory body for non-bank financial services in Belize, particularly for those services provided by entities licensed or registered under the Financial Services Commission Act, Cap.

It is well known that offshore regulators are not strict in their supervision of forex trading, which means that the safety of investors' funds and trading activities cannot be effectively protected. So, investors should use the Axiory, a forex trading platform, with caution. Axiory provides investors access to popular financial tradable instruments, mainly Forex currency pairs, stock CFDs, indices CFDs, energies, exchange stocks, exchange ETFs and precious metals.

For the Standard Account, the average spread is 1. For MAX Accounts, the average spread is 1. Axiory offers traders the most popular MT5 trading platform in the Forex trading industry. MT5 trading platform has a large number of built-in technical indicators and tools to help traders with technical analysis, supports EA trading, and can help traders of different levels to develop different trading strategies, making them get ahead in the financial markets.

In addition, traders can also trade through cTrader. Home - Brokers - Axiory. Offshore Regulatory. WikiFX Score. FSC Offshore Regulatory. VPS Standard. Single Core 1G 40G. Open for free. Broker Information More. Company Name. Phone of the company. Company website. Customer Service Email Address. Company address. Information abstracts. Pyramid scheme complaint. Download on the Google Play. Download on the Android. WikiFX Risk Alerts 1. Account Funding. International Wire Transfer. No data. Exposures 3 pieces of exposure in total.

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All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts. Dear traders, based on the review above, we would like to take this opportunity to explain the solution for money managers in more detail. A lot of money managers achieve interesting results and clients often ask us if they can connect to a money manager and copy their performance.

Everything that Axiory does is connecting both parties and providing services to them. However, every money manager works and decides on their own, with their own trading strategy. Money managers are absolutely separated from Axiory. Therefore, we can't be responsible for their decisions, or guarantee any future profits.

This feature guarantees a maximal percentage of drawdown of the investment. Moreover, we provide other security options for clients of money managers. Thanks to our technologies, investors have quality options to diversify their capital, to close their investment online anytime etc. We continually develop, innovate and provide technologies, services and solutions of the utmost quality both for money managers and self-traders. We would like to assure that we do our best to satisfy all our clients and build long-term partnerships.

In case of any further inquiries, we would be more than happy to make everything clear. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime! Back in Sep I spent many weeks searching the internet for an FX pamm broker to invest with, Axiory was highly recommended by many people on the numerous review sites. Their website and multi-trader strategy system looked excellent, with clear investment strategies and money management systems in place, for instance their customer support , said that should a certain drawdown value be reached within a multi-trader strategy, all trading would cease, and also that should the margin call conditions be reached, only the highest value position would be closed out first.

Initially I invested modestly, in several strategies and watched as the account balances steadily grew, however my funds were fully invested most of the time, which lead to numerous margin calls…the alarm bells in my head should have been ringing loudly at this time! However I was once again assured by customer support, not be concerned, and continued to invest more money.

Axiory did send me a sympathetic email admitting liability for a large portion of the losses, however after many email requests they have continuously refused to refund me. My final words have to be…Please, Please do not trade or invest with these people, read the small print at the bottom of the investor page which states only invest money you can afford to lose because you Will lose it!

They have told me themselves that they make their profit on lots traded not success, which explains why my funds were always fully invested. Your money is Not safe with Axiory, when one managed FX account fails they just create another one, they will do whatever they can to maintain their commissions from trades, regardless as to how it affects the Investors or Traders.

Axiory have also refused to provide me with details of their Lawyer, and SIBA Seychelles International Business Authority they will not respond to any calls or emails etc related to Axiory To submit your own Forex Broker review for Axiory fill the form below.

Your review will be checked by a moderator and published on this page. By submitting a Forex Broker review to EarnForex. Make sure that you are entering a valid email address. A confirmation link will be sent to this email.

As for the financial instruments that you can trade, Axiory offers you a decent number of different products. These include currencies, CFD indices, energies, and metals. And trading terms and conditions on these assets are quite impressive as well, be it low commission levels, high leverage ratios, or ultra-fast execution speeds. We will begin our comprehensive review of Axiory with its trading assets. This can let us know how diversified the instrument base is and how well you can diversify your portfolio with many different financial assets.

In total, we were able to find over 60 individual currency pairs at Axiory. These include majors, minors, and even exotic FX pairs, which is pretty much an industry-standard in Forex. And when it comes to trading terms and conditions for these instruments, our Axiory review reveals quite lucrative offerings, namely: the minimum spreads at 0. Besides currencies, you can also trade Contracts for Difference at Axiory. As for the commissions, the broker still features a very impressive 0.

Then there are energy commodities, which you can also trade with lower spread markups and higher leverage rates. First things first, we should note that there are five basic energy instruments you can choose from, including crude oil and natural gas. In our Axiory opinion, these 5 energies coupled with low spread markups at 0. And finally, you can also choose one of the four most basic metals, namely: Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium.

As for specific trading terms and conditions, not even metals fail to offer you impressive numbers. For example, the maximum leverage for Gold and Silver goes as high as while Platinum and Palladium have a leverage. The minimum spread, on the other hand, can go as low as 1. In general, there are two types of commissions that Forex brokers charge: trading and non-trading.

As our Axiory Forex broker review shows, brokers usually try to eliminate non-trading fees and leave only the fees that are immediately related to the trades. And the same is true for Axiory as well. Now, depending on which account type you choose from, the minimum spread markup will be different for you.

For instance, the Nano account will get you the least spread out of all three — 0. And fortunately, all of them are very convenient for any type of trader. Besides spreads, we also came across one additional trade-related commission. As you create the Nano account, the broker will charge you 6 USD every time you place a 1-lot trade. But even this much commission charge is affordable when you consider the commission rates of other brokers. Besides trading fees, there are also non-trading fees that some brokers tend to include in their conditions.

As we were forming our Axiory opinion, the fact that it mostly eliminates all non-trading fees convinced us even further that this broker is one of the most beneficial service providers you can get. For instance, the majority of deposit and withdrawal methods are completely commission-free, while those that might be subject to commission charges are like that because the service providers themselves demand payments.

This further indicates how beneficial it is to trade with this broker. Axiory has been operating in the trading market as a full-fledged brokerage firm for around 8 years. Founded in , the broker has polished its trading platform and made its terms and conditions far more beneficial than ever before.

But is Axiory legit? Based in No. The best way to find out whether a broker is legit or it may be trying to scam you. And it all depends on how trustworthy a license is. Additionally, our Axiory review also revealed that the broker is also a member of the Financial Commission, which combines a bunch of international brokers with one unitary objective: to provide the safest trading products and services to the traders.

And judging from all of the available fund security measures available at Axiory, you can be sure that both the IFSC and the Financial Commission are doing their job perfectly well. One popular method Forex brokers use to attract new customers is to offer a bunch of different bonuses and tournaments with real money prizes. Here are the specifications of these accounts that take our Axiory opinion to the new heights:. Now, besides offering you three different live account packages, Axiory is also focused on one additional type of clients: Muslims.

As you may know, Islam prohibits all kinds of interest charged for products or services, be it credits, trades, or whatnot. But during our review of Axiory Forex broker, we came across one additional account type: the Islamic account. It can be created for all three types of live accounts, therefore, it mimics almost all of their features.

And when it comes to overnight swaps, the Islamic account completely eliminates them, allowing you to do overnight trading without going against your faith. A demo account is also one of the main account offerings at Axiory. It also mimics all of the terms and conditions of the above-mentioned live accounts, as well as live market conditions.

And by offering a virtual 10, USD trading account, Axiory allows you to trade just about any asset it offers and hone your skills in the market, as well as test out new trading strategies. Now, can Axiory be trusted with its ultra-fast execution speeds and lucrative trading terms and conditions? One of the ways to find that out, other than looking at its license, is to see which trading platforms it offers you and check how convenient it is to actually use them in real-life trading.

During the overview of its website, we found two of the most widely-used trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 and cTrader. And these are some of their features:. If we were to name only one platform that made a huge impact on the Forex market, that would be the MetaTrader 4. And in our Axiory broker review, we found that MT4 is one of the primary trading platforms you can get with this broker, which is a definitive advantage.

In short, you can never go wrong by choosing MetaTrader 4 as your main platform. Besides MT4, Axiory also offers another quite popular trading platform, cTrader. It has been on the market for almost a decade now, and in that time, it has come to put up quite a competition against MetaTrader. Therefore, just like its MetaTrader competitor, cTrader is also a viable option for trading currencies, indices, energies, and metals with Axiory.

In addition to all that, Axiory also allows you to trade on the go with its iOS and Android trading platforms. As noted earlier, there are three live accounts you can get with Axiory, as well as an Islamic account and a demo account. And in order to get either of these accounts, you need to go through a very regular registration process. And as our Axiory review shows, this process is both very quick and very easy.

As we have found out, Axiory covers a large number of countries around the globe. Plus, the following countries are currently unsupported by the broker, namely:. As noted earlier, Axiory features a very quick and simple registration process that you can get through without any difficulty. As Axiory further elaborates, you need two types of documents: one that verifies your identity and one that verifies your residence address.

And for the residence verification, you can upload either of the following documentations:. These documents are necessary for the Know-Your-Customer procedure that allows the broker to find out your motivations before letting you trade on its platform. And that further enforces our Axiory opinion that this is a credible Forex broker. Equally important for your effectiveness and profitability in the trading market is the execution policy of your broker.

On the one hand, you can choose a broker that features ultra-fast execution speeds and a bunch of order types to risk-proof your orders, yet on the other hand, there are brokers that take ages to complete your orders and their platforms come with very few order types, sometimes even none at all. With Axiory, though, the first case is true. The broker features a very competitive market execution policy. What this means is that the moment you send an order to the broker, it will take as little time as possible to execute it at the live market prices.

And on top of all that, Axiory allows you to place just about any order type that you can think of, be it stop or limit orders.

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