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IRS has established procedures to ensure that mail is handled safely. Mail room employees and all IRS employees who handle mail should follow these procedures to ensure mail is handled in the safest way possible. Employees should open mail in designated mail opening areas and follow the procedures listed below. If night shift, weekend, or holidays e. Some features of suspicious packages are listed below, but is not all inclusive.

If you have any suspicion about the safety of any package due to the physical appearance or the smell of a package, report it to your manager. Make a list of all persons who touched the letter or package and who were in the area if the letter or package was opened in case of contamination. Do not move the package. Leave the package or envelope on a stable surface. Do not sniff, touch, taste, or look closely at it or any contents that may have spilled. If imminent danger, such as a bomb, call yourself; otherwise, call your FMSS contact or the Security Console to call Contact your FMSS.

After regular business hours, call This number reaches an answering service which answers all calls from all locations in the United States 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Thoroughly wash hands with soap and water. If powder or any material got on your body, use scissors to cut your clothes off before showering. Do not pull any shirt over your head. Use the showers available in the area and change into clean clothing provided to you. Managers should advise employees to avoid the area and should direct employees on proper evacuation plan provided by the local FMSS.

The area should be restricted to only authorized persons. The supervisor will immediately secure the room. Anyone who is in the area where the package is discovered must remain in the area. Prevent additional employees from entering the area. In order to complete the incident report to SAMC, it's critical that someone captures the data related to the incident. Included in this information will be a list of all persons who touched the letter or package and who were in the area if the letter or package was opened in case of contamination, employee statements, etc.

In addition to reporting the incident to the Supervisor, the Employee who discovers the incident should remember to do the following:. Try to remember details about the incident so that you're able to help prepare your statement for SAMC. You should be familiar with your Captain for your area and know where you should exit, then stand during any evacuation.

This includes any evacuation, whether it's weather related or a physical hazard, such as fire or hazardous material. If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact your local FMSS. In many instances, we receive mail that may be charred from a fire on the mail truck, appears to have been mutilated with some type of liquid intentionally, or has thick greasy material possibly picked up on the USPS or PDS truck or equipment.

If this smell is going to be absorbed by other documents and possibly make other workers down the line sick, do not continue processing. In the past, we were able to photocopy documents, put the original in a zip lock bag and attach it to the photocopy to retain integrity of the original document.

Disposition of some of these documents will have to be determined on a case by case basis and will be referred to the Headquarters analyst for guidance. Maintain Server Computer Modems in an off status during normal conditions to prevent unauthorized access to the computers.

These modems are for system diagnosis and repair only. If you have any questions about the operation of the machine, ask the Contractor assigned to the Campus. Some Submission Processing campuses have developed local use desk procedures to be used in conjunction with the IRM. All employees should receive an IRM during Training and have access to an updated one throughout the year.

Unit Managers must have a signed approval on file from the responsible Operations Manager for all Submission Processing local desk procedures. The signed approval must reflect the current processing year and current IRM revision. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights TBOR lists rights that already existed in the tax code, putting them in simple language and grouping them into 10 fundamental rights.

Employees are responsible for being familiar with and acting in accordance with taxpayer rights. This includes envelopes attached to packages or wrapping paper. Ensure document lies flat e. Emptied envelopes must be candled to ensure that all contents were removed before you attach it to the document, or put in your Candling bag. Any form, return or document not falling into one of these categories will be routed according to the Routing Guide or local Maildex.

If return is disassembled when extracting contents, assemble correctly and staple in top left corner of return e. For Form series returns, ensure the Form W-2 is stapled to left middle of return. Be aware of remittances being placed in unsuspected places. If a Fingerprint Card is received, ensure it is securely attached to the package.

Do not staple the Fingerprint Card. Note the Exceptions shown below:. This usually occurs when a taxpayer responds with a Collection form Form series, Form , etc. Identifying information from a Gift Card will be recorded, in lieu of value when the card does not show a value. The card s will be hand-carried to the Deposit Function where it will be returned to the filer. Be sure to keep the envelope or Return Address information with the card.

Returns with credit card numbers written on them should be forwarded to the Batching function unaltered. If it could possibly be needed by another function or is related to the correspondence, then leave it attached. Ensure it is stapled securely to the back, or use a binder clip to attach. If unsure, refer to your manager. Exhibit 3.

If the Address is complete on the Exhibits, that means it is always transshipped to the site when received in a site other than the one listed. If the space is blank in this column, you may enter your local Mail Stop. In addition, all Campuses should develop their own local Maildex with local Stop Numbers and IDRS ranges for various functions to expedite routing to the proper area.

Do not physically transship that work to another site. Let the ICT function scan it and electronically route it to the correct site. There are a few exceptions. If there is Form , Informational Transmittal, attached to the front of a document, route it to the address indicated in the fill-in box at the top of the form. A designated individual should be notified by Management of any changes or corrections.

When the "master copy" of the local Maildex is updated, new paper copies including the revision date should be distributed to all personnel in Extraction and Second Sort, including all areas without SERP access. Each package should be properly addressed, including Mail Stop number to aid the Receiving site in properly routing it. To find each site's Maildex :.

This is especially helpful when routing "C" letters. This is especially true for Letter C. Do not send to Statute or Batching if the envelope is addressed to the specific P. International returns are processed in two sites. An International or U. Possession return is a return with a Foreign or U.

Possession address. The names and State Codes of the U. Possessions are as follows:. Form , Information Return of U. A return with a Domestic address and Foreign partners Form for foreign transferrer Form This is also submitted to identify third-party designee. If a foreign address is not present, and the address line on Page 1 of the Form is domestic, process as domestic. Remittance received with international and possession returns will be deposited where received.

In most cases, International and U. Possession returns will be sorted and processed separately from all other returns and documents. If Foreign remit is received with any return, form, or correspondence, always date stamp the source document. If transshipped from a Lockbox and source document is not date stamped, stamp it with your campus date stamp using the Lockbox received date; edit "LB" beside the campus name.

Then, it must be processed by OSPC. Use the following table to determine the correct site for processing the following International or U. Possession Forms and Extensions:. For a list of U. Taxpayers and tax preparer's sometimes request the IRS to acknowledge receipt of data. Extractors should sort the Acknowledgement request i. Acknowledge the presence or IRS receipt not validity of any group of returns or documents on a listing shown on an attached letter.

Also, acknowledge a "copy" of a return when attached, if the taxpayer specifically requests acknowledgement of receipt and provides a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Stamp the acknowledgement letter "Received by Campus, date , city, state ". If acknowledgement is discovered after Extraction and there is no date stamp or envelope with postmark date, simply leave the date blank. Do not stamp duplicate copies of acknowledgement letters, only the first one. If a stamped, self-addressed envelope is not enclosed, ignore the request.

Move the request to the back of the return or correspondence. Attach the acknowledgement "Copy" or letter to the stamped, self-addressed envelope and put it with your Correspondence sort. Second Sort or another function will place the acknowledgement copy inside the envelope, seal it, and put it in the USPS basket. Form series returns are sometimes filed in large quantities in one envelope and an acknowledgement is requested.

Do not acknowledge. A CP is generated to the filer when the return posts. If a stamped, self-addressed envelope is attached, leave it. Types of possible remittances the IRS campus may receive for processing can include any of the following. The lead will walk them to Deposit for disposition, since there are a variety of issues. Do not overstamp the checks. Immediately stamp all checks non-government with your "Treasury" stamp that are intended for payment of taxes, unless the Payee is shown as one of the following:.

The abbreviation "Treas. Immediately stamp all returned government Refund checks. These will be made payable to an Individual or a Business. Do not over stamp the government check if:. In the Name Control section of the spreadsheet and Form , enter complete names of Payor and Payee.

There is no need to overstamp these checks. Ensure proper handling and verification of receipt. Refund Inquiry will not accept any of these checks issued by a bank. The explanation from the Preparer or the taxpayer for returning the check does not have to be "ID Theft" related for you to route to Fresno External Leads.

Also, there is no need to overstamp since they are "Void". Set up a basket in Extraction area for the Extractor to place checks including attached correspondence that are to be routed to Fresno RIVO. Do not mix the returns and checks in the same basket. A designated person Manager, Lead, designee will create the Excel spreadsheet with the following elements.

E-mail the spreadsheet to the following addresses daily and mail receipts to the following, if any receipts are in the basket. Prepare a Form You may attach a copy of the spreadsheet to the Form , in lieu of writing all of the elements on the Form Number the Spreadsheet with some type of unique system and indicate this on the Form , so that you are able to reference the spreadsheet you attached.

For instance, on January 15, , put this date on the spreadsheet and number it 1. In the body of the Form , write, "Spreadsheet 1 for January 15, attached". These do not have to be mailed Overnight and Shipping can include the envelope with other receipts that are transshipped to those sites. Maintain a separate file of these Forms and attach the Acknowledgement copy to your copy. Follow-up after 5 days, if no Acknowledgement copy is received.

You may provide a fax number to the RIVO function to fax the Acknowledgement copy back to you, in lieu of mailing. Keep the USPS letter with the submission. Place your stamp underneath the " Pay to the Order of " designation. Both stamps U.

Treasury and "Non-Negotiable" should be available at each Extractor's desk. Do not obscure any printing on the face of the check. In Payment Perfection area, they have another stamp with simply the phrase "Non-Negotiable" , which means, if stamped, the document is no longer a negotiable instrument i. They are two different stamps with two different meanings. If you receive a check from a taxpayer that includes the phrase "Non-Negotiable" on the check along with "United States Treasury" as the payee, it is a valid check for IRS to deposit.

Continue processing. All types of remittance are forwarded to the Pre-Batch Function, along with the tax return or source document. Keep remittance with source document; do not staple together. Leave the stubs attached to the check, unless the remit is an "AP" meaning it is a stub with a perfect scan line. Keep envelopes attached to "imperfects". The remit can be processed as a TC , but batch with other ID theft returns. Do not shelve these Full Paid returns. If in doubt, route to Payment Perfection as "imperfect".

Route to Deposit as "imperfect". If "more than one remittance" is received with only one return or document, stagger the checks. Treasury checks is required daily of each employee. Any return or document with an item of value other than a check or money order e.

Refer to this reference for instructions for mailing retrieved fraudulent Debit Cards or a mix of checks and Debit cards from one individual to Fresno. Acceptable remittance is defined as any means of documentation of legal tender and payment. The documentation must contain all valid information shown below to process the payment through the bank, or it is "imperfect" :.

If the Bank Routing Number needs to be perfected or is mutilated, or the check appears to be "bogus" for any reason, route to Deposit as "imperfect". Some sites have a local procedure to overstamp all payee variations of "United States Treasury" ; follow local procedure. If remits received with a transmittal "Automated Remittance Control Record from Wilkes-Barre, PA" with any checks made payable to "Social Security Administration" , date stamp the transmittal and immediately route the package to Deposit.

Do not tamper with the checks. Route to Payment Perfection in site where received. Always date stamp the source document. If transshipped from a Lockbox and source document is not date stamped, date stamp with the campus received date for the date received at Lockbox; edit "LB" beside campus name. Any correspondence regarding a Levy, etc. Timely Filed Sort is determined by a review of Balance Due line on the return and the remit:. Only timely filed Form family returns with remittance are categorized as Full Paid and shelved.

The Manager must immediately carry the remittance and return or source document to the Deposit Manager. The individual Campuses must determine the presence of statute control, entity, remittance perfection, etc. If correspondence requires action or a response, separate the correspondence from return. Route correspondence appropriately and route return to Batching. In addition, any and prior year returns previously cleared by AM statute will not be returned by SP to AM to be cleared again if the 90 calendar day statute stamp has expired.

If a tax return is later found to be barred due to this process change, the barred case will not be charged to SP or AM. Generally, for , any calendar year, fiscal year, or quarterly return with a period ending in and prior should be sorted and expedited to the Statute Unit.

The ASED on quarterly filed tax return expires 3 years from April 15 of the year following the year for which the return was due or 3 years after the date the return was actually filed, whichever is later. Campus areas must route tax returns to the Statute function beginning with the expedited processing dates, which are shown in the chart in IRM It is suggested that you make a copy of this page to keep for a reference.

Do not route returns to Statute Control Unit if any of the following conditions are present:. Keep package together and expedite to ICT. Route to CSCO for them to make the notations shown below, or. If the taxpayer responds with an earlier tax period than the period requested on the notice or any type of Amended Return that is "Statute Imminent" , route those returns to Statute. After extraction, all envelopes must be reviewed, or "candled" twice to ensure that no contents are left in the envelope.

The candling requirement is met by either:. Slicing the envelope on three sides, unfolding it, and inspecting both sides to ensure documents or remittances have not stuck to the envelope see exceptions. After the envelope contents are removed, perform initial candling at the extraction table by: Passing the envelopes across the light on the extraction table OR slicing envelopes on three sides see exceptions.

If a site elects to slice all envelopes on 3 sides, the light on the extracting table is not required. Use the following chart to determine the proper Initial Candling procedure for the envelope type:. For oversized envelopes, a portion of the envelope may be attached to the return or folded in half.

Ensure postmark is present. Oversized translucent envelopes "Flats" may require multiple passes over the light on the extracting table. Exceptions to Slicing on 3 sides. The following envelope types are NOT required to be sliced on three sides, but must be inspected to ensure documents or remittances do not remain inside:. Opaque "fuzzy" padded envelopes which are insulated with loose materials should not be intentionally sliced.

A separate collection bag may be used to contain loose material. Opaque "slick" combination paper plastic envelopes, made of material designed to be tear-resistant, are not required to be sliced on 3 sides. Open the end, extract contents, and manually search the inside.

Be aware that static electricity on slick envelopes may cause items to cling to the envelope. Sites may elect to slice slick envelopes on 3-sides, but it is not a requirement. The tag should be easily visible when picked up. If tag is not visible, the "runner" or "sweeper" should request one from the Extractor prior to transporting to the Final Candling area.

They will be staged and worked in received date order. Use the following chart to determine the proper Final Candling procedure for the envelope type:. Envelopes must be passed over the light in a single layer for optimal effectiveness. Do not overlay envelopes during final candling. After Final Candling, place envelopes in secure containers prior to destruction, recycling, etc.

Management designates a location for secure containers of empty envelopes. Manager will determine the disposition of any item found. Certified green post card still attached to the envelope should be returned to the manager does not include "Click and Ship" envelopes from the USPS. All remittances found during final candling must be recorded on Form , Final Candling Log.

Form may be completed by the employee who found the item during final candling or the manager may designate another employee to complete all or part of the entries. Complete final candling the entire bag before recording any remittances from that bag. Associate remittances to the identifying tag from the bag and set aside until that bag has been completely candled.

Place remittances in a locked, secure container until they can be recorded on Form Preparing Form Complete the following entries on Form in non-erasable ink:. Today's Date - Current date. An entry is required for each day, whether or not items have been found. Time Discovered - Time of discovery. Required for remittances only. Name and TIN on remittance if available. Annotate: No Items Found if no items were discovered for any given day. Tag Received Date - Date item was received in campus.

Deposit Initials and Date - Initials of Deposit employee responsible for receiving all remittance found during final candling and the date received in the deposit function. If a log entry is made, then changed or deleted, write an explanation for the correction and draw a corresponding arrow to the deleted line entry. Both the preparer and the manager or a designee must initial and date the change.

If more space is needed, sites may create a facsimile of Form The facsimile must capture the same information as Form Multiple days with no finds may be recorded on the same sheet for the month. Continue filling up the entire page if it is the same workday. If the sheet is full, or another sheet started, or more than one sheet was needed for the same day, mark the sheets "Page of " at the end of the day, or before starting a new sheet the following workday.

The designated employee will open the locked container, remove the contents, and match the SEID from the tag and amount on the check, to the entry on Form , if present, and complete remaining line items. After reconciling, the manager or designee will photocopy Form and take the original and photocopy of the log, along with the remit s , to the Deposit Function. Transfer of remittance s to Deposit must be performed as many times in a day as necessary to ensure timely deposit rules are met.

At a minimum, it must be done once daily, at a designated time set by Deposit that will allow them enough time to post the remits found that day. Make every attempt to deliver remittances multiple times on Friday, or ensure remittances found on Friday are taken to Deposit in time for processing.

Avoid weekend carryover, especially a holiday weekend. Remittances found in Final Candling after the last daily transfer must be stored in a secure box or designated area temporarily, or overnight. The previous day's remittances must be taken to Deposit the following day in the first transfer. Immediately notify the manager or lead that a large remit was found. The original signed initialed Form must be retained in the Final Candling area. Once Deposit has signed for the Remits, the candling tag should be given to the appropriate manager to provide feedback to the Extractor who left the remit inside the envelope.

Form logs must be retained in one file or binder, separated by month, in consecutive date order. Retention period is 1 year, including the current month for the log sheets. The file must be available for the Campus Security Scorecard Review. The controls covered in IRM 3. Final Candling is generally performed at large Final Candling tables, but can be done at an Extraction table.

Boxes, carts, crates, etc. Any employee performing Final Candling should be in clear view of another employee in the Restricted Area. Management should consider the layout of the restricted area when seating employees to ensure maximum visibility during Final Candling. Managers must ensure blank Form , or a facsimile, are available in the Final Candling area for recording remittances found during Final Candling. The log sheets should be kept alongside the locked container.

Final Candling should be performed no later than 5 work days after the IRS Received Date 10 work days during Peak Processing to minimize impact to taxpayers. Do not use empty envelopes for any purpose, such as storing items, displaying on the wall as a "Job Aid" , etc. Maximum envelope recognition is determined by the measurement of foot candles FC through use of a light meter.

Minimum reading on light meter should be FC. Extracting tables not meeting the minimum requirement should not be used. Testing of all lights on Extracting Tables and Final Candling Tables in use must be completed twice yearly for IMF sites and four times a year for BMF sites to verify that candling equipment meets the minimum requirements.

Management or a designated Management Official must complete Form to document the candling equipment testing and actions taken. Notate the timeframe at the top margin of Form e. Notate in the "Actions Taken" column beside any table s that does not meet minimum requirements to describe what is being done to correct the deficiency or simply indicate "Broken - Not in Use". Annotate "Not in Use" for Extracting tables used only for slicing mail on three sides with the light off at the time of the review.

See Figure 3. For "short remits" , the direction the envelope faces is acceptable both ways i. Please click here for the text description of the image. If you attach the envelope to a tax return or correspondence, you must slice on 3 sides, no matter the size or color of the envelope.

The only envelopes that do not have to be sliced are the fuzzy, padded or slick ones that are designed to not tear as outlined in IRM 3. When multiple returns or documents are received in one envelope and each requires a "postmark date" to indicate whether timely mailed, attach envelope to the oldest tax period return and stamp the received date.

On the remaining returns , use a Dual Date stamp or stamp the postmark date on the top left side margin using the earliest postmark date shown on the envelope and the received date in the normal area. For envelopes that do not specify the postmark date or "drop-off" date, refer to IRM 3. Do not remove any attachments or separate the subsidiary returns. Treat as one return. Always attach envelopes and stamp received date on the following IMF documents.

See additional comments to aid in routing or sorting IMF documents for processing:. Attach the envelope to the return with the earliest tax period. If original documents such as driver's license, passport, birth certificate are attached, place original documents in an envelope to protect them and attach the envelope securely to the back of the application with a binder clip or staple the envelope only if you can ensure the documents are not damaged.

Copy — Be careful with "Copy". This can also be an indication of a request for an Acknowledgment. If received with another return, attach to the back and continue processing. If an original return Current Year and signed is attached to an Amended return with an earlier tax period shown on top line or Line B boxes , separate the original and amended.

Sort separately. If the tax periods are vice versa, look for an indication of "Carryback" or "NOL". If an original return has a "pre-printed" literal , such as "Copy Only - Do Not Process" in the middle of Page 1, route these to the X unit. If no correspondence, move the letter to the back and route the return package to Batching. If the Taxpayer responds with copies of several IRS initiated notices, put the one with the most recent date shown in upper right corner on top and route according to that one.

Always attach envelopes and stamp received date on the following BMF documents. See additional Comments to aid in routing or sorting BMF documents for processing. All delinquent filed Form 94X series will be date stamped and envelope kept. Always date stamp and attach the envelope to all "claims" - Form , Form , Form , and Form If attached to an Amended return or copy of an original return, stamp both returns and keep together.

Move the "claim" form to the top, attach amended or original copy to the back. When any "Claim for Refund" , or "Request for Abatement" is received, always do the following:. If the "Claim" form i. Do not route to ICT. Follow the specific instructions under the particular BMF forms in the table below to determine proper routing.

If any of these forms meet Statute criteria, route to Statute first. Any forms showing "Carryback" or "Net Operating Loss" "NOL" as the issue must be separated and "expedited" to the appropriate function shown below. Follow the specific instructions under the particular IMF forms in the table below to determine proper routing:.

This can be filed for an Individual or Business. Always identify as an "Expedite" for ICT. When a filer or preparer inserts an "address sheet" inside of a window envelope and the envelope is not required to be attached, drop the "address sheet" in your candling bag. It does not matter if it stays inside the envelope, or you pull it out.

It is not necessary to attach it to the back of the return. When the envelope is required to remain attached to the form or document, ensure the "address sheet" is either stapled to the back of the return, followed by the entire envelope or Return Address and Postmark portion of the envelope , or the "address sheet" remains intact inside of the window envelope.

Do not overstamp the check. Money amount on check matches Balance Due amount on the Federal document, send to Deposit Activity, even if made payable to state. Money amount on check does not match either state or federal documents, send to Payment Perfection.

Non-Remit: When a Federal return is received with a State return, use the attached Forms W-2 to try to determine the proper routing:. If there are two copies of the Federal return and a state return attached, route one of the Federal returns to be processed. Attach the other copy of the Federal return to the State return and forward the package State return and copy of Federal return to the State.

Some states require that you attach a copy of your Federal return when filing your State return. Route all "loose" State tax returns, as well as a taxpayer's State e-file form s such as Form , Form OL, or Form to the appropriate state. Follow local procedures for misdirected mail. If a State return is attached to one of the following, keep together and route to the appropriate function. If the taxpayer incorrectly addressed the envelope to IRS when the contents were intended for the State, we will pay the postage to forward to the State.

Envelopes addressed to IRS containing tax returns that are erroneously delivered by the USPS to the state taxing agency are timely filed if:. If remits are forwarded from the state, refer to IRM 3. Determine if any checks are more than a year old, they will require special treatment. When IRS receives a return from a state agency after the grace period, it will not be considered timely filed if:. Always attach envelope to these returns. If forwarded to IRS 6 months or more after the due date of the returns, see following instructions.

When returns are forwarded to IRS 6 months or more after the due dates of the returns , take the following action when the taxpayer's envelope was addressed to the state , or there is no envelope attached to the return to make a determination:. Circle any State's received date. Route the return s to your Planning and Analysis analyst to research for a TC If it is a Statute year or prior, "hand-carry" to Statute Unit and explain how it was received.

If a TC has already posted and it's a duplicate return i. Do not process, if a duplicate. If a TC is present, but it's not a true duplicate i. When IRS receives returns from a state agency after the grace period but within 6 months , it will be considered timely filed if the taxpayer's envelope was addressed to the IRS , and:.

Then, stamp an IRS received date using the state's received date and stamp the postmark date so that Code and Edit will make it timely filed. If the state did not stamp the return, stamp the postmark date, then stamp the current IRS received date. Always attach the envelope. When returns are forwarded to IRS from a state agency 6 months or more after the due dates of the returns , take the following action when the taxpayer's envelope was addressed to IRS and they were timely filed as indicated in parameters shown above:.

If it is a Statute year or prior, "hand-carry" to Statute and explain how it was received. If a TC has already posted for the duplicate return information, determine if there were any penalties assessed on the account. If penalties were assessed, contact your Accounts Management Planning and Analysis Analyst to have the penalties abated.

If a TC present, but it's not a true duplicate, contact your Accounts Management Planning and Analysis counterpart for assistance. When IRS receives Extensions from a state agency 6 or more months after the affected return due date , it will be considered timely filed if the taxpayer's envelope was addressed to the IRS , and the envelope postmark is on or before the due date. Print the page and attach it to the front of the document.

When IRS receives extensions from a state agency 6 or more months after the affected return due date and the taxpayer's envelope was addressed to the state , stamp the current IRS received date and consider it late filed. If remits are included in the mail forwarded from the state, follow procedures in IRM 3. Date stamp the back of Notice and place it inside the envelope before you tape it back together. Put it in a designated slot on your table, or basket for another person to neatly tape it back together and put it in the designated area to return it to the USPS or other carrier.

If the mail piece was misdirected by a PDS e. Ask the carrier for the clear envelopes or "re-package" material to use if the address can be clearly read. This procedure is designed as an "audit trail" , in the event there is ever a discrepancy with any amount of money cash, check, gift card, etc. The individual who date stamps the "find" is the responsible party. Therefore, do not have another designated person date stamp the Notice Green Island, NY When U.

The form preparation is self-explanatory. The discoverer and Manager must initial the recorded entry on the Form Attach to the related return or document. Complete information on the envelope with a notation that corresponds with the entry on the Form The Manager must place the envelope in a lockable container kept in their custody in accordance with IRM See IRM 1.

If Debit Cards are returned by another taxpayer delivered to an address where recipient does not reside or intercepted by the USPS will be returned in a USPS envelope and contain a note indicating "possible fraud" , do not slice the envelope from the debit card company. If the envelope was sliced, staple or tape it back together. If a taxpayer returns a combination of Treasury checks and debit cards, keep the entire submission together and send the complete "package" to RIVO External Leads in Kansas City, using the address shown below.

If returned by another taxpayer , date stamp their correspondence, attach envelope, and date stamp the front of the debit card envelope. Photocopy the front of the debit card envelope showing both addresses Return Address and Recipient's address and date.

Box Kansas City, MO When any item of value other than U. Checks and money orders are not classified as items of value in this instance. They are discussed under separate instructions. If in doubt as to an "item of value" , treat it as if it is. Refer to the chart in IRM 3. A teller from the Deposit Function is responsible for collecting the locked container contents.

If the discovered item s is not retrieved at least once daily, per shift, the Extracting Manager will inform the Deposit Manager. The Manager will open the envelope s and verify the content with the teller. The teller must initial and date the Form that the items listed were received. The Manager retains the duplicate copy as proof of discovery and gives the item to the Deposit Function with the other 2 parts of the Form ACS Mail is usually identified upon receipt because it contains a unique P.

Box address for the ACS Support sites. It should remain intact for the extractor to sort the contents quickly. Initially, sort the mail as:. Always date stamp Form , even if date stamped and transshipped from another IRS office. If your site has a special program code, be sure to report your time and volume under that code when working ACS mail. If a third-party check is made payable to the taxpayer and is an ACS payment, sort as "imperfect". ACS mail or indication of "levy" is never sorted as "Perfect".

Always date stamp ACS mail submission and any tax return, then attach the envelope. If multiple forms or correspondence with multiple remits come in the same envelope, try to match up the individual remit with the source document, then route to Deposit in the correct order.

In addition to the unique P. Sort Estimated Tax payment ES vouchers into three sorts:. Scannable for the Transport — Scan line is legible, has no edit marks on it, and there is no fold on the voucher that will jam the machine. When received "loose" , this form is not to be processed, nor payment deposited. If a remit is attached to the Form , leave it attached to the form. It is not to be deposited by the Campus. If the envelope does not have the specific Mail Stop number or "OTSA" unit indicated, then follow the procedures in 5 below.

Use the following chart to determine where to mail the Form and payment, if attached. Look at the check boxes for "type of applicant" , located below the Entity section to determine the type. The addresses shown above may differ from the ones listed in the Form Instructions, but use the ones listed above.

Use the following chart to help determine the proper routing of Form , whether received "loose" , attached to another Form, IRS initiated correspondence, or attached to a Form series return. Always check the envelope to see if the Form plus any related correspondence or attachments has been specifically addressed to a particular Mail Stop or function, then route to them.

If the package is specifically addressed to another function or Mail Stop, route the package to that function. This section contains procedures on IRS received date stamping and postmark date stamping, when required. All mail received from a. The only foreign office that can accept tax returns is Beijing. Any mail accepted at campuses on Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays, is tagged with the date it is accepted by the Campus.

The mail does not necessarily need to be processed on the day received, but when processed, it must be stamped with the actual date received. When mail is received in the Campus after the daily processing "cut-off" , the mail must be tagged so it can be stamped with the actual date it was received. Lockbox will date stamp their own documents with an official received date stamp.

If a received date is not required e. For Form only, immediately following the grace period, it is suggested that the sites "clean the mail" in the receiving area to identify timely Form by sampling the USPS mail for timely postmark dates April If there are groups of mail with timely postmarks, pull this mail to the front and label as timely postmarked.

Form in timely postmarked mail do not require date stamps or envelopes and will be batched as timely to prevent re-batching downstream. Disregard and do not sort as timely after the grace period if postmarks are on self-prepared labels, such as Click and Ship , private metered, Pitney-Bowes metered mail, or if the delivery timeframe is inconsistent. Form received after the grace period must be date stamped and envelopes must be retained, regardless of postmark.

Not all IRS offices are designated places for filing, and not all IRS employees are authorized to accept a tax return for processing. If a return contains a received date stamp from an office that is not a proper place for filing, that date stamp is not the "IRS Received Date" , and you must stamp it with your official "IRS Received Date" rubber stamp, as if no date stamp is present. Date stamps should be tested at the start of each shift to ensure they reflect the current date.

You can "test" it on your Identifying Tag that you place in your "Initial Candling" bag, if you are extracting. Element "g" shown below in Figure 3. This element is not required to be considered an official received date, but is generally used by Campuses to identify the Extractor assigned that date stamper. An acceptable "IRS Received Date" stamp must only be stamped on the face of the document in an area that does not cover taxpayer entries. If you stamped the incorrect received date and you can edit legibly , you do not have to "X" the entire stamp.

See a legible entry in Figure 3. If you stamp an incorrect or illegible received date on a return and you are unable to edit it legibly, "X" it and re-stamp with the correct received date. This is the only time that Extraction will "X" a received date stamp.

If IRS received date stamps or any other type of sensitive rubber stamps need to be destroyed, refer to the instructions in IRM 3. If you refer a Timely Filed return to the "Funny Box" that does not require a received date stamp and it is taken out of the pipeline, edit the Julian Date for the day the return was actually received in the upper left corner of the return. This enables Batching to input the correct Julian Date if the return comes back to be processed.

Occasionally, a return due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday. In this case, the return due date is considered to be the next business day. However, this does not extend the grace period. It is always calculated from the legal due date. Refer to the following IRM Exhibits to determine date stamping requirements for the various document types:.

All Tax Returns and Extensions mailed from a foreign country are timely if the Foreign Postmark is on or before the prescribed due date or within the grace period. Accept the date as the official IRS received date. If an area has a designated "P.

Box" Compliance, TAS, etc. Date stamp correspondence and any attached return s. In addition, all returns, forms, and correspondence should be date stamped in Extraction before it gets to Second Sort or Batching. The "general rule" is: If you date stamp, you attach the envelope.

If in doubt, always date stamp. When the due date of the return falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, the return is considered timely if postmarked by the first business day after that date - IRC If you would like additional information, see IRM 3. If missing or illegible, continue processing. The same instruction is applicable to designated Private Delivery Service mail. You only need to perform this extra step when there is an original return enclosed.

For other documents, the function working the case can perform this research. When multiple returns are in one package, you must use a Dual Date stamp , or a single postmark date and received date on all subsequent documents following the first one. The first one is stamped with the received date and the envelope is attached. If there is a single return in one envelope , stamp the received date and attach the envelope to the back with the postmark facing outward.

Print and attach to the front of the document. If it was mailed by a designated Private Delivery Service and the date and tracking number elements on the label are missing, use the chart in IRM 3. If the Tracking Number is legible, then go to the carrier website and print the page to attach to the document. IMF and BMF returns that are not date stamped because they fall within the grace period do not need research on usps.

It is important that the extractor keep the envelope attached to a form or document when the postmark date is required. This ruling allows them the extra 60 days from the original due date to postmark their return or extension to be considered timely filed. The extension date is the same for foreign and domestic returns, based on the type of return Form.

Any "non-USPS" metered mail that has a date inconsistent with the normal delivery timeframe should not be used. An example of an inconsistent "Postmark" date would be April 15 and delivered on May If the "normal" delivery time appears to be 7 days for USPS First Class mail, then do not consider the "self-made Postmark" as a valid date to determine timely mailing.

Give the envelope to a designated person with internet access to perform this action. If the Postmark is not the same as the "Acceptance Date" , print the page from the USPS website and attach it to the front of the document. Follow normal dual date stamping procedures, if multiple documents are enclosed in one envelope using the "Acceptance" date as the postmark date.

If there are multiple documents , Receipt and Control must stamp the received date on the first document and attach the envelope to the oldest tax period return, then stamp both the postmark date and received date on all subsequent documents contained in the envelope or use a Dual Date stamp.

If using single stamps, stamp the postmark date in the left margin and received date on the face page one of the document in an area that does not cover taxpayer information on all subsequent documents. If the postmark is illegible, leave the postmark date portion blank, or "blank it out".

If the postmark is missing i. For U. A Private Delivery Service PDS is simply a business that delivers customers' documents and packages within an agreed upon delivery schedule, such as "Overnight" , "Same Day" Service, etc. Notice provides the current list of designated PDSs and types of services that are recognized. If the type of service is not specifically shown in this notice, it is a non-designated PDS e.

DHL generally only delivers International mail within the U. However, if the postmark date is illegible or missing , or incorrect, the taxpayer must prove the postmark date; we will only stamp the received date. When the postmark date is illegible or missing or incorrect, do the following:.

If the postmark date is illegible, and you need a postmark date for dual date stamping, leave the postmark date portion of the stamp blank , or "blank out" the date portion of the postmark date stamp depending on the type of stamps your campus uses. If the postmark date is missing i. Print the page and attach it to the front of the document, in front of the envelope.

For PDS mail, the postmark is sometimes visible on the shipping label because it gives the "drop-off" dates and expected delivery date. If illegible or missing, then use the chart below to determine the approximate postmark date since the type of service provides us an estimate of the "drop off" date. This calculation is based on the estimated delivery schedule of the carrier and IRS Receipt and Control Mail Room operations tour of duty for accepting deliveries.

Business days are Monday through Friday. Do not consider Saturday a pick-up or drop-off day. Be aware of any Holidays during the time you are subtracting business days to determine a postmark date. If missing or received after the Due Date of an original return, use internet www.

Print the page and attach to the front of the return. The number of business days to subtract is an estimate based on the carrier's predicted delivery time frames shown on their websites. For example, if the domestic package is guaranteed by p.

No delivery time is fully guaranteed, nor is consideration taken for time zone changes for International packages. If the suggested number of business days subtracted from the received date will make it late by only days, or the package is mixed with other packages received earlier than the current date i.

Documents received or secured by other official IRS facilities i. Taxpayer Assistance Center TAC do not date stamp the following returns if timely received and "no remit" :. They will erroneously post as late filed. If you notice that a TAC site is not following the instructions for properly completing the Form or not following PII guidelines for shipping, you can write a note on their Form when you acknowledge it.

The returns received from a TAC office or Campus Support site that are stamped either "Received with Remittance" or there is a Green rocker under the balance due line should be routed to Batching, unless remits are mixed in for the Teller Unit.

If remits enclosed, route to the Teller Unit. Leave the Form s attached to the bundles of work. Follow local procedure to either have the entire box routed to the Teller unit to sort, or sort the ones with remit and route the remaining with the Form to Batching. The Form should have the designation for Batching as either a "remit" or "non-remit". Some additional indicators of "Remittance received with Return" that should be sorted as "Remit returns" for Batching are:.

Green rocker a rocker is a curved line under the "Balance Due" amount. Form , Payment Posting Voucher, is attached and an amount shown beside "" box. The envelopes are usually addressed to a Lockbox P. Box, but can be addressed to any IRS P. Leave the Form in the package and route the box to the designated area e. Sign up to receive the daily top stories from the National Post, a division of Postmedia Network Inc. A welcome email is on its way.

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