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Properties of fresh and hardened concrete. Mixing, placing and curing. Mix design. Destructive and non-destructive tests. Quality control, durability, and special concrete. Masonry: building stone, block and brick types. Properties, uses, deterioration properties of mortar. Quality control tests on masonry and mortars. Relevance of materials properties as determined by test procedures to practical structural and building requirements.

Composite materials and fibre-reinforced matrices. Stability of materials under service conditions. Investigation of locally produced alternative materials. Structures and connections by welding and bolting. The significance of the behaviour in terms of design and the development of design specifications. Elastic and non elastic behaviour. Ultimate capacity. Brittle fracture. Plate girder design including tension field action.

Tubular section design — stable and unstable equilibrium. Elastic instability and critical loads. Fundamental criteria for design of structures. Design of shell structures, elevated water tanks, tall buildings, and cable structures. Seismic-resistant design. Taught between June Design concepts for framed, shear wall, tubular and coupled structures. Structural analysis and design of typical tall buildings.

Computer applications to the analysis of tall buildings. Factors affecting shape. Size and route of tunnels. Geological investigation relevant to tunnelling. History of tunnelling. Soft ground tunnelling Rock tunnelling.

Design of tunnel lining. Types of bridges. Materials for modern bridges. Loads on bridges — standard truck and lane loading. Impact loads. Wind and seismic loads. Thermal loads. Serviceability criteria — deflection and fatigue. Non-composite vs. Composite Design. Plate Girder Bridges — general approach.

Box Girder Bridges. Pressurised Concrete Bridges. Optimum Bridge Proportioning. Bridge Aesthetics, Inspection, Rehabilitation. Describe the environment and systems which favour growth and spread of micro-organisms 2. Explain the infectivity, bacterial toxins, virulence and life cycle of pathogenic organisms. Explain control measures, which can be taken to prevent infectivity and spread of pathogenic micro-organisms. This course culminates with a project that challenges students to design, implement, and demonstrate a database solution for a business or organization.

The web is a very big place, and if you are the typical internet user, you probably visit several websites every day, whether for business, entertainment or education. Going through the process of documenting a project using parallel projections and perspective projections, rendering of the documentation. Prepare a standard curve by standard series and standard addition methods.

Carry out determination of analyte in a mixture. Determine composition of a complex. Determine concentration of analyte in a sample using lovibond color comparator. Digest samples for analysis. It explains the foundations of ecotourism internationally and in Kenya. It develops a critical awareness of economies, marketing, certification and management of ecotourism.

This course is designed to provide students an in-depth understanding, knowledge, skills and attitudes for the management of wildlife destinations and visitor management approaches. Taught between May - August in The Technical University of Kenya Kenya By: Ms Lynette Adhiambo Obare Research Methods :This course hopes to equip students with the necessary skill and knowledge to effectively carry out research in the field of tourism and other related fields.

Taught between September - December in The Technical University of Kenya Kenya By: Ms Lynette Adhiambo Obare Wildlife Tourism :The unit aims at imparting the knowledge about wildlife tourism by building frameworks for the management and sustainability of wildlife tourism. It examines ecological implication of animals in their natural habitat as well as need for conservation.

Taught between September - December in The Technical University of Kenya Kenya By: Ms Lynette Adhiambo Obare Destination Management :This course reviews the management of the destination and provides an understanding of the skills and issues involved in this evolving aspect of tourism management. It also examines empirical issues related to the practice of sustainable tourism. Thus, it determines the extent to which implementation of sustainability principles and conceptual ideas such conservation of nature and cultures, planning and investing in sustainable tourism is done.

Taught between January - April in The Technical University of Kenya Kenya By: Ms Lynette Adhiambo Obare Tourism Policy and Planning :This course aims to provide students with the knowledge to undertake tourism planning and policy-making and to help develop their skills in analyzing policy and planning processes within the private and public sectors. Taught between January - April in The Technical University of Kenya Kenya By: Ms Lynette Adhiambo Obare Tour Planning and Management :To provide the student with an understanding of the many business aspects of the travel industry including management issues relating to the establishment and conduct of travel agencies, tour operations and transport.

Taught between September - December in The Technical University of Kenya Kenya By: Ms Lynette Adhiambo Obare Strategic Management :To provide students with a more in-depth knowledge of various strategic management theories and their applications in general as well as within organisations in tourism and hospitality sector.

Students will analyse and evaluate specific hospitality service quality management functions and apply these to the management of hospitality services. Students learn basics of animation, character design, sound design, video editing and programming interactive applications. It introduces the instruments used to effect control of a system. In addition, the learner is introduced to controller tuning, control system compensation and operation.

The ultimate goal is to produce chemical engineers who are capable of functioning in the design and operation of modern automated industries. Major focus will fall on steady-state processes with hands on experiences on Aspen plus software. Structure of Ecosystems, types and properties of Natural resources. Climate; types, importance, climate Zones and Food Security. Geological factors controlling formation and distribution of mineral resources. Taught between Jan - April in Technical University of Kenya Kenya By: Dr Mildred Aduma Mwigali Energy resources Management :It covers energy sources, Energy demand and supply, Forms of Energy, generation of electric power, hydro -electricity, large scale hydroelectricity, dams , micro-hydro systems, run -of the river hydro —electricity; Biomass, solid biomass, liquid biomass, bio-fuels, bio- ethanol, bio-diesel.

Ocean Energy; tidal power, wave power. Range plants and their values. Proper use factors in rangelands. Rangeland problems and range improvement strategies. The purpose of this course is to equip the learners with the intended knowledge base in the application of skills in the key areas of GIS to solve Community Health and Wellness problems. Principles of sustainabale wetland utilization. Threats to wetlands. Naturally occuring event such as drought , erosion, drops in ground water levels , pollution, overexploitation, of wetland resources, challenges to sustainable wetland utilization Taught between Jan - April in Technical University of Kenya Kenya By: Dr Mildred Aduma Mwigali Renewable Energy Resources :Examines various sources of renewable energy and technology for harnessing each and Environmental implications associated with utilization of each energy source.

Environmental safety and Human Health. A second phase is also being built which will link Naivasha to the existing route and also the Uganda border. Nairobi is situated between the cities of Kampala and Mombasa. As Nairobi is adjacent to the eastern edge of the Rift Valley , minor earthquakes and tremors occasionally occur.

The Ngong Hills , located to the west of the city, are the most prominent geographical feature of the Nairobi area. Mount Kenya is situated north of Nairobi, and Mount Kilimanjaro is towards the south-east. The Nairobi River and its tributaries traverse through the Nairobi County and joins the larger River Athi on the eastern edge of the county. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai fought fiercely to save the indigenous Karura Forest in northern Nairobi which was under threat of being replaced by housing and other infrastructure.

Nairobi's western suburbs stretch all the way from the Kenyatta National Hospital in the south to the UN headquarters at Gigiri suburb in the north, a distance of about 20 kilometres 12 mi. The sunniest and warmest part of the year is from December to March, when temperatures average in the mid-twenties Celsius during the day. There are rainy seasons, but rainfall can be moderate. The cloudiest part of the year is just after the first rainy season, when, until September, conditions are usually overcast with drizzle.

As Nairobi is situated close to the equator, the differences between the seasons are minimal. The seasons are referred to as the wet season and dry season. The timing of sunrise and sunset varies little throughout the year for the same reason. Nairobi is divided into a series of constituencies with each being represented by members of Parliament in the National Assembly.

The initial constituencies before the constitution which led to the county electoral boundaries benig redrawn were: Makadara, Kamukunji, Starehe, Langata , Dagoretti, Westlands , Kasarani, and Embakasi. Most of the upmarket suburbs are situated to the west and north-central of Nairobi, where most European settlers resided during the colonial times AKA 'Ubabini'.

The city's colonial past is commemorated by many English place-names. Most lower-middle and upper middle income neighbourhoods are located in the north-central areas such as Highridge, Parklands, Ngara, Pangani, and areas to the southwest and southeast of the metropolitan area near the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. The low and lower income estates are located mainly in far eastern Nairobi.

Many Somali immigrants have also settled in Eastleigh , nicknamed "Little Mogadishu ". The Kibera slum in Nairobi is claimed by the Kenyan government to have a population of , Nairobi has many parks and open spaces throughout the city. Much of the city has dense tree-cover and plenty of green spaces.

The most famous park in Nairobi is Uhuru Park. The park borders the central business district and the neighbourhood Upper Hill. Uhuru Freedom in Swahili Park is a centre for outdoor speeches, services, and rallies. The park was to be built over by former President Daniel arap Moi , who wanted the storey headquarters of his party, the Kenya African National Union , situated in the park.

Central Park is adjacent to Uhuru Park, and includes a memorial for Jomo Kenyatta , the first president of Kenya, and the Moi Monument, built in to commemorate the second president's first decade in power. The colonial Master Plan for Nairobi still acts as the governing mechanism when it comes to making decisions related to urban planning. The Nairobi province differs in several ways from other Kenyan regions.

The county is entirely urban. It has only one local council, Nairobi City Council. Nairobi Province was not divided into "districts" until , when three districts were created. In , along with the new constitution, Nairobi was renamed a county and consolidated into a city-county. Nairobi County has 17 constituencies. Constituency name may differ from division name, such that Starehe Constituency is equal to Central Division, Lang'ata Constituency to Kibera division, and Kamukunji Constituency to Pumwani Division in terms of boundaries.

Nairobi is divided into 17 constituencies and 85 wards , [61] mostly named after residential estates. Kibera Division, for example, includes Kibera Kenya's largest slum as well as affluent estates of Karen and Langata. The exchange is Africa's fourth largest in terms of trading volumes, and fifth largest in terms of Market Capitalization as a percentage of GDP.

Nairobi is the regional headquarters of several international companies and organisations. Several of Africa's largest companies are headquartered in Nairobi. Safaricom , the largest company in Kenya by assets and profitability is headquartered in Nairobi, KenGen, which is the largest African stock outside South Africa , [65] is based in the city.

Nairobi has not been left behind by the FinTech phenomenon that has taken over worldwide. It has produced a couple of tech firms like Craft Silicon , [66] Kangai Technologies , [67] and Jambo Pay [68] which have been in the forefront of technology, [69] innovation and cloud based computing services.

Their products are widely used and have considerable market share presence within Kenya and outside its borders. Goods manufactured in Nairobi include clothing, textiles, building materials, processed foods , beverages, and cigarettes. Nairobi has a large tourist industry , being both a tourist destination and a transport hub. Nairobi has grown around its central business district. The city square is also located within the perimeter. The United States Embassy bombing took place in this district, prompting the building of a new embassy building in the suburbs.

In , the city was considered to have about 4 million residents. A large beautification project took place in the Central Business District, as the city prepared to host the Afri-Cities summit. Iconic buildings such as the Kenyatta International Conference Centre had their exteriors cleaned and repainted.

Nairobi downtown area or central business district is bordered to the southwest by Uhuru Park and Central Park. The Mombasa to Kampala railway runs to the southeast of the district. Two areas outside the Central Business District that are seeing growth in companies and office space are Upper Hill , which is located, approximately 4 km 2. Companies that have moved from the Central Business District to Upper Hill include Citibank , and in Coca-Cola began construction of their East and Central African headquarters in Upper Hill, [75] cementing the district as the preferred location for office space in Nairobi.

The largest office development in this area is UAP Tower , completed in and officially opened for business on 4 July To accommodate the large demand for floor space in Nairobi, various commercial projects are being constructed. New business parks are being built in the city, including the flagship Nairobi Business Park. Nairobi is undergoing a construction boom.

Major real estate projects and skyscrapers are coming up in the city. Among them are:The pinnacle twin towers which will tower at m, Britam Tower m , Avic International Africa headquarters m , Prism tower m , Pan Africa insurance towers, Pallazzo offices, and many other projects. High-class residential apartments for living are coming up like Le Mac towers, a residential tower in Westlands Nairobi with 23 floors.

Avic International is also putting up a total of four residential apartments on Waiyaki way: a level tower, two level towers, and a level tower. Hotel towers are also being erected in the city. Avic International is putting up a level hotel tower of m in the Westlands.

The hotel tower will be operated by Marriot group. Jabavu limited is constructing a 35 floor hotel tower in Upper Hill which will be high over metres in the city skyline. Arcon Group Africa has also announced plans to erect a skyscraper in Upper hill which will have 66 floors and tower over metres, further cementing Upper hill as the preferred metropolis for multinational corporations launching their operations in the Kenyan capital. Also see List of tallest buildings in Kenya.

Nairobi has experienced one of the highest growth rates of any city in Africa. Since its foundation in , Nairobi has grown to become the second largest city in the African Great Lakes, despite being one of youngest cities in the region. The growth rate of Nairobi is 4. This suggests a growth rate of 3. According to this curve, the population of the city will be below 4 million in , and will reach 5 million in Given this high population growth, owing itself both to urban migration and high birth rates, the economy has yet to catch up.

Nairobi has numerous recreational green areas. Nairobi National Park , located in the Southern side of the city, is an important attraction. There is Kuona Art Center for visual artists in Nairobi. By the mid twentieth century, many foreigners settled in Nairobi from other parts of the British Empire , primarily India and parts of present-day Pakistan.

Nairobi also has established communities from Somalia and Sudan. Nairobi has two informal nicknames. The first is "The Green City in the Sun", which is derived from the city's foliage and warm climate. Many film makers also practice their craft out of Nairobi. Film-making is still young in the country, but people like producer Njeri Karago and director Judy Kibinge are paving the way for others. Perhaps the most famous book and film set in Nairobi is Out of Africa.

The book was written by Karen Blixen , whose pseudonym was Isak Dinesen, and it is her account of living in Kenya. Karen Blixen lived in the Nairobi area from to The neighbourhood in which she lived, Karen , is named after her. In , Out of Africa was made into a film, directed by Sydney Pollack. The film won 28 awards, including seven Academy Awards. The popularity of the film prompted the opening of Nairobi's Karen Blixen Museum.

Nairobi has been the set of several other American and British films. The most recent of these was The Constant Gardener , a large part of which was filmed in the city. The story revolves around a British diplomat in Nairobi whose wife is murdered in northern Kenya. Much of the filming was in the Kibera slum. Lupita received an Oscar award for best supporting actress in her role as Patsy in the film 12 Years a Slave during the 86th Academy Awards at the Dolby theatre in Los Angeles.

Lupita is the daughter of Kenyan politician Peter Anyang' Nyong'o. Most new Hollywood films are nowadays screened at Nairobi's cinemas. Up until the early s, there were only a few film theatres and the repertoire was limited. There are also two drive-in cinemas in Nairobi. In and , Nairobi was the focus point for the American television series Sense8 which shot its first and second seasons partly in the city.

In Nairobi was also featured in the British thriller film Eye in the Sky , which is a story about a lieutenant general and a colonel who faced political opposition after ordering a drone missile strike to take out a group of suicide bombers in Nairobi. In , the name "Nairobi" was taken as a code-name by a female main character in the famous Spanish TV series Money Heist.

In Nairobi, there are a range of restaurants. Traditional food joints such as the popular K'osewe's in the city centre and Amaica, which specialize in African delicacies, are also widespread. The Kenchic franchise which specialized in old-school chicken and chips meals was also popular, particularly among the lower classes and students, with restaurants all over the city and its suburbs.

However, as of February , Kenchic stopped operating its eatery business. Upscale restaurants often specialize in specific cuisines such as Italian, Lebanese, Ethiopian, and French, but are more likely to be found in five star hotels and the wealthier suburbs in the West and South of the city.

Nairobi's restaurants offer dining packages at reduced prices. Nairobi is the centre of Kenya's music scene. Benga is a Kenyan genre which was developed in Nairobi. The style is a fusion of jazz and Luo music forms. Mugithi is another popular genre in Kenya, with its origins in the central parts of the country. A majority of music videos of leading local musicians are also filmed in the city. In the s, Nairobi became the prominent centre for music in the African Great Lakes. During this period, Nairobi was established as a hub of soukous music.

This genre was originally developed in Kinshasa and Brazzaville. After the political climate in the region deteriorated , many Congolese artists relocated to Nairobi. More recently, Nairobi has become the centre of the Kenyan hip hop scene, with Kalamashaka, Gidi Gidi Majimaji being the pioneers of urban music in Kenya.

The genre has become very popular amongst local youth, and domestic musicians have become some of the most popular in the region. Many foreign musicians who tour Africa perform in Nairobi. Bob Marley 's first-ever visit to Africa started in Nairobi. Vegas and the Elephant man crew. Many nightclubs in and around the city have witnessed a growth in the population that exclusively listen to Electronic Dance Music, especially amongst the younger generations.

Gospel music is also very popular in Nairobi just as in the rest of Kenya, with gospel artistes having a great impact in the mostly Christian city. Their concerts are also very popular and they have as much influence as the great secular artistes. Musical group Sauti Sol performed for U. Nairobi is the African Great Lakes region's sporting centre. The complex was completed in , and was used to host the All Africa Games.

The complex comprises a 60, seater stadium, the second largest in the African Great Lakes after Tanzania's new national stadium , a 5, seater gymnasium, and a 2, seater aquatics centre. The Nyayo National Stadium is Nairobi's second largest stadium renowned for hosting global rugby event under the "Safaricom Sevens. The facility is located close to the Central Business District, which makes it a convenient location for political gatherings. Nairobi City Stadium is the city's first stadium, and used for club football.

Nairobi Gymkhana is the home of the Kenyan cricket team , and was a venue for the Cricket World Cup. Football is the most popular sport in the city by viewership and participation. Leopards , Tusker and Mathare United. There are six golf courses within a 20 km radius of Nairobi. It was established in by the British , just seven years after the city was founded.

The Ngong Racecourse in Nairobi is the centre of horse racing in Kenya. Basketball is also a popular sport played in the city's srimary, Secondary and college leagues. Many of the city's urban youth are basketball fans and watch the American NBA. The majority of schools follow either the Kenyan Curriculum or the British Curriculum. Numerous other universities have also opened satellite campuses in Nairobi. The Railways Training Institute established in , is also a notable institution of higher learning with a campus in Nairobi.

Major plans are being implemented in the need to decongest the city's traffic and the completion of Thika Road has given the city a much needed face-lift attributed to road's enhancement of global standards. Several projects have been completed Syokimau Rail Station, the Eastern and Northern Bypasses while numerous other projects are still underway.

The country's head of state announced when he opened Syokimau Rail Service that Kenya was collaborating with other countries in the region to develop railway infrastructure to improve regional connectivity under the ambitious LAPPSET project which is the single largest and most expensive in the continent. Kenya signed a bilateral agreement with Uganda to facilitate joint development of the Mombasa-Malaba-Kampala standard gauge railway. A branch line will also be extended to Kisumu.

Under the Lamu-South Sudan and Ethiopia Transport Corridor Project, the development of a railway component is among the priority projects. The development of these critical transport facilities will, besides reducing transport costs due to faster movement of goods and people within the region, also increase trade, improve the socio-economic welfare of Northern Kenya and boost the country's potential in attracting investments from all over the world.

The first phase of the standard gauge railway project was launched on 31 May by the President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta in a ceremony that saw thousands of Kenyans ride on the inaugural trip free of charge. The two passenger locomotives christened Madaraka Express operate daily trips between Nairobi and Mombasa. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is the largest airport in Kenya. JKIA had more than 7 million passengers going through it in Wilson Airport is a general-aviation airport handling smaller aircraft, mostly propeller-driven.

Moi Air Base is a military airport. In its earlier years, it was utilised as a landing strip in the pre- jet airline era. This route was served by flying boats between Britain and Kisumu and then by land-based aircraft on the routes to the south. Matatus are the most common form of public transport in Nairobi. Matatu , which literally translates to "three cents for a ride" nowadays much more are privately owned minibuses, and the most popular form of local transport.

Archived from the original on 1 December Retrieved 18 June The matatu's route is imprinted along a yellow stripe on the side of the bus, and matatus plying specific routes have specific route numbers. However, in November President Uhuru Kenyatta lifted the ban on the yellow stripe and allowed matatus to maintain the colourful graphics in an effort to support the youth in creating employment.

Matatus in Nairobi were easily distinguishable by their extravagant paint schemes, as owners would paint their matatu with various colourful decorations, such as their favourite football team or hip hop artist. They are notorious for their poor safety records, which are a result of overcrowding and reckless driving. However, in , a law was passed requiring all matatus to include seat belts and speed governors and to be painted with a yellow stripe.

Buses are increasingly becoming common in the city with some even going to the extents of installing complimentary WiFi systems in partnership with the leading mobile service provider. The Citi Hoppa buses are distinguishable by their green livery, the Double M buses are painted purple, Compliant MOA by their distinctively screaming names and mix of white, blue colours while the KBS buses are painted blue.

A Bus rapid transit will commence operating with high capacity buses along Thika Road in July between Kasarani and the Kenyatta National Hospital. Nairobi was founded as a railway town , and the main headquarters of Kenya Railways KR is still situated at Nairobi railway station , which is located near the city centre. The line runs through Nairobi, from Mombasa to Kampala.

Its main use is freight traffic connecting Nairobi to Mombasa and Kisumu. A number of morning and evening commuter trains connect the centre with the suburbs, but the city has no proper light rail, tramway, or rapid transit lines. A proposal has been passed for the construction of a commuter rail line. The country's third president since independence, President Mwai Kibaki on Tuesday, 13 November launched the Syokimau Rail Service marking a major milestone in the history of railway development in the country.

The opening of the station marked another milestone in efforts to realise various projects envisaged under the Vision Economic Blueprint. The new station has a train that ferries passengers from Syokimau to the city centre cutting travel time by half. Opening of the station marks the completion of the first phase of the Sh24b Nairobi Commuter Rail Network that is geared at easing traffic congestion in Nairobi, blamed for huge economic losses.

The new railway line has virtually replaced the old metre-gauge railway. The Nairobi Terminus is located at Syokimau , some 20 km from the city centre. Passengers travelling from Mombasa are transferred the short distance into the CBD with the metre-gauge trains. These are earmarked to ease the daily motor traffic within and surrounding the metro area. However, driving in Nairobi is chaotic.

Most of the roads are tarmacked and there are signs showing directions to certain neighbourhoods. Ongata Rongai , Langata and Karen are connected to the city centre by Langata Road, which runs to the south. Lavington, Riverside, and Westlands are connected by Waiyaki Way.

Nairobi is undergoing major road constructions to update its infrastructure network. The new system of roads, flyovers, and bridges are intended to better cope with high traffic levels. It is also a major component of Kenya's Vision and Nairobi Metropolis plans. Most roads now are well lit and surfaced with adequate signage. In , the construction of The Nairobi Expressway began. The road is directly to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport enabling travellers to access the airport faster avoiding the heavy traffic on Mombasa Road and Waiyaki Way.

The road has an This road, is intended to ease traffic from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport that accesses Nairobi city center. Also traffic from Central Nairobi is expected to be facilitated, to reduce the number of departing passengers who miss their fights, while stuck in road traffic jams on the city streets.

It was opened to the public in May Slum residents receive water through water kiosks and end up paying much higher water prices than those fortunate enough to have access to piped water at their residence. There is a wide variety of housing options in Nairobi. Most wealthy Kenyans live in Nairobi, but the majority of Nairobians are of average and low income. Kibera is one of the largest slums in Africa, [] and is situated to the west of Nairobi. Kibera comes from the Nubian word Kibra, meaning "forest" or "jungle".

Kibera has been the setting for several films, the most recent being The Constant Gardener. Other notable slums include Mathare and Korogocho. Altogether, 66 areas are counted as slums within Nairobi. Many Nairobi non-slum-dwellers live in relatively good housing conditions. Large houses can be found in many of the upmarket neighbourhoods, especially to the west of Nairobi.

To accommodate the growing middle class, many new apartments and housing developments are being built in and around the city. Over 5, houses, villas and apartments are being constructed at this development, including leisure, retail and commercial facilities.

Throughout the s, Nairobi had struggled with rising crime, earning a reputation for being a dangerous city and the nickname "Nairobbery," a name which persists today. In , the United Nations International Civil Service Commission rated Nairobi as among the most insecure cities in the world, classifying the city as "status C". In the United Nations report; it was stated that in , nearly one third of all Nairobi residents experienced some form of robbery in the city. However, many claim [] that the biggest factor for the city's alarming crime rate is police corruption, which leaves many criminals unpunished.

As a security precaution, most large houses have a watch guard, burglar grills, and dogs to patrol their grounds during the night. In , crime decreased in the city, [] due to increased security and an improved police presence. Despite this, in , the Kenyan government and US State Department have announced that Nairobi is experiencing a greater level of violent crime than in previous years. Following a grenade attack in October by a local Kenyan man, with terrorist links, [] the city faced a heightened security presence.

There have been a spate of blasts in Nairobi which started on 10 March , where assailants threw grenades at a busy bus station and a blue-collar bar in Nairobi, killing nine and injuring more than

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