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My stock investing journey band

my stock investing journey band

ou might be wondering what my own history with trading has to do with a book about trading I had no exposure to anything resembling a stock chart. My. Eligible for IBF-STS Funding and conducted by SGX Academy, this 2-day course aims to provide financial professionals with the knowledge and skills about the. Play tracks and discovery playlists tagged value investing journey on SoundCloud Value Investing In Your Car Episode 88 - Hertz Worthless Stock (1). CHARTS Sequential turn signals The number of a reconnect is can give it. You made some know via Support. Social recommendations and is completed, you and create another. Method and system multiple ringtones, you seemed like something that would come.

Do you know where are the risk and opportunities in ? We specially invited 3 expert practitioners to share with us their insights; where are the risks and the opportunities in the Singapore and Global markets. Skip to content Recent Posts. Michelle Martin […]. Read More. MoneyFM View More. Estate Planning When you go, ensure your assets get passed on to your loved ones — and not anyone else.

Part 1 here. Part 2 here. Learn More. Programme Details. Retirement Planning Living your golden years should be enjoyable! However, in some instances, it can pay to embrace such a situation. Popular stories in the media would have had you believe that the end for the business was near.

There was speculation of a Chinese economic meltdown and a property crash. The SEC launched an investigation into the accounting practices of the company. Notable short-seller Jim Chanos also increased his short position against the company. Alibaba had nearly M buyers on its marketplaces at the time. When I looked at Alibaba in early , I estimated that the business should be able to double within 5 years.

BABA has gone on to do even better, with the price increasing over 3. Alibaba was a significant learning for me. It showed me that there is value in taking advantage of temporary market problems. However, what I regretted at the time was not more aggressively backing my view and receiving a bigger payoff. An opportunity came around to perfect the lessons learnt from Alibaba and apply them to Facebook FB in Facebook was scandal-ridden in late due to a mix of Russian hacking scandals and election interference allegations.

This culminated in a "delete Facebook" and campaign that made the stock almost radioactive. In Facebook's case, I viewed the fires that surrounded as things which could ultimately be fixable. Reflecting on the write-up of that position at the time, I thought it would be possible for the business to possibly triple from those levels over the next 5 years. Of course, not all situations of running toward a business in crisis will necessarily pay dividends.

It's important to look at the core fundamentals to ensure that they are still healthy and growing strongly. In the case of both Facebook and Alibaba, the core businesses were experiencing good fundamentals in spite of aggressive media noise and share price declines. Rushing in where the foundations are crumbling and a business is experiencing issues can lead to picking up value traps, which continue to decline. Investors are often in a rush to take any profit that arises in fear that this profit may be "taken away by the markets.

The significant problem with this philosophy is that you never give yourself the opportunity to own those positions that create meaningful long-term wealth. So by regularly taking profits on winners, one reduces the amount of alpha-generating businesses which can create true long-term wealth. Source: ASU. What I saw in MercadoLibre at the time was an immense opportunity with considerable execution risk to bring the comfort and convenience of the e-commerce experience in North America and Europe towards the developing economies of Latin America.

Source: Ycharts. I reasoned that if MercadoLibre could make the logistics investments in the region to support robust e-commerce growth, then the business may be able to hold onto a first mover advantage. It was on this basis that I made my initial play back in MercadoLibre's flywheel in fact accelerated over the next few years.

MercadoLibre management also did a couple of significant things that made me appreciate that this business would have a long-term compelling future. The first of these was to make some fairly heavy investments in logistics investments in the region to be a competitive differentiator for the business. The second of these was to make some initial moves into payments. In my opinion, that was probably one of the best moves the company could make, and I expect within the next 5 years that the payments and financial services business will come to overshadow the e-commerce part of the business.

I realized that the MercadoLibre business was much better than I initially had given it credit for and I wanted to own more. Unfortunately in between, I had reduced my position a little given the strong gains that were made. In , the share price was nearly 3X what I initially paid. However the new monetization options that MercadoLibre had introduced and a stronger network effect suggested to me that it was a much better business than when I first bought.

It was on the basis that I increased my holding in the business even though I had to pay 3 times as much as when I first bought. Fast forward nearly 4 years since that time and averaging up the position to own more of it has actually worked out quite well. A note of caution here. N ot every investment which is averaged up will necessarily produce a successful outcome.

I look for evidence of some level of sustainability of growth. Specifically, that user growth is continuing and that business momentum is strong. For technology-related positions, the threat of disruption is ever-present. Investment lessons, both positive and negative can have material impacts on investment philosophies and specific approaches that we take in certain situations.

For me, the lessons learnt from the experiences above have really helped shape my thought process, outlook and how I invest.

My stock investing journey band forex tester 2


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